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A Complete Guide on Private Labeling from China

By Jesus David Cano Romano
September 26, 2016
Private Labeling from China

This is the information age, the era of now. Companies want to start selling without spending time and effort in research and development of new products. That is the reason behind the rise of private labeling. China is the hub of private labeling right now. Companies can get in touch with manufacturers with their specifications and get the end-product made and delivered with their personal labels right to the customer’s doorsteps.

Here is a complete guide on private labeling from China:

• Find a good sourcing company in China. You can search for good sourcing companies online or get recommendations from other companies in your market segment. They can introduce you to manufacturers mass-producing the products you need

• Ask for the product catalog. Take a look at the product catalog. This usually includes the services they have provided in the past to other companies and the services they are willing to provide in the future. Choose the product or service you are looking for

• Inspect the prototype. Ask for a prototype and then get it tested in the real environment to see if it performs as per your requirements. This will ensure any problems are taken care of, and any changes necessary are made to get to the final product

• Share your specifications. Once you are satisfied with the prototype, share your specifications with the manufacturer before it goes into production. This way your product will be mass produced but will reflect your company’s individual identity

• Give your label design specifications. When you outsource the manufacturing process of a product, it is better to let the local vendors take care of the packaging. Give your logo design, materials, colors and other specifications for the packaging. The product should be completely ready before it hits the shelves

• Get a good quality assurance procedure in place. The product bears your company’s or your brand’s name and as such you should ensure that the finished product complies with industry, country and company-specific standards. You can ask your sourcing company to hire an inspection services company to check the quality of the product. This way you can be rest assured that the end-product will be of a good quality, without you having to be present in China.

Technology has changed people’s lives including how they do business. You can now do business in other countries without even being physically present there. Outsourcing is the next step in becoming location-independent in business. You can get your products produced, checked and distributed from any part of the world through private labeling. Check online or hire a consultant to help you find the right private label manufacturer for your business.