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Complete Analysis of Manufacturing Solutions Available in China

By Jesus David Cano Romano
October 2, 2017
Manufacturing Solutions

Strong supply base, low salaries, solid engineering and impeccable technical skills, and high investment in infrastructure all make China one of the world’s most ideal platforms for manufacturing all kinds of export goods. Vast markets continue to fuel China’s consumption-based economy and while other players challenge its dominance in the world of manufacturing solutions and product development, the country remains to be a manufacturing giant offering a wealth of competitive solutions to the world.

Western companies have many widely held beliefs about manufacturing goods in China. While it is true that you stand to immensely reduce your production costs despite having to ship goods halfway around the world, dealing directly with manufacturing companies and factories, may not always be the best way forward. This is where complete manufacturing solutions companies fit into the equation, as they can provide valuable support as you start your foray into the often-confusing world of Chinese manufacturing. They know how to navigate the grounds and guide you through the wide array of manufacturing solutions China has to offer:

• Manufacturers – Manufacturers are usually seen as the best source for goods. With them, you can easily communicate your needs and have the exact type and quality of product you want, according to your specifications and demands. The key to a satisfactory relationship with Chinese manufacturers is finding the right factory with the right expertise in manufacturing the kind of goods you require—all at the best contract price. A lot of business owners turn to manufacturing factories because of their affordability, although going the manufacturer way doesn’t necessarily guarantee the lowest price in some cases.

• Trading companies – Trading companies typically specialize in a particular field. Because of this, they are usually the best partners to turn to when seeking out specific goods. Their network is often composed of importers that want similar goods and a great number of factories that make these goods. They have impeccable level of expertise about the products they specialize in, thus enabling them to provide advice as to the best way to customize goods, improve their salability, and boost your bottom line.

• Sourcing companies – Sourcing companies is much like trading companies, only with a greater range of interests. While they may not have the same depth of knowledge about certain niches as traders do, they specialize in other important parts of manufacturing, such as supply chain logistics and production processes. They also take care of quality control and can represent your interest in case of any dispute in the manufacturing process.