C2W Services - Factory Setup

factorysetup_284Are you thinking about setting up your very own manufacturing or assembly facility in China?

Want to make the most of cheap labour rates as well as controlling your own IPR, quality and delivery?

Finding the right location and setting up your own WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) may sound complicated, overly bureaucratic, time consuming and expensive.

C2W recommends Zhuhai city as the perfect place for western companies to set up a facility. Zhuhai is privileged as one of the only 5 SEZ (Special Economic Zones) in China and also has a special FTZ (Free Trade Zone) custom bonded industrial zone. The perfect location for your company depends on the products you wish to manufacture.

Zhuhai also benefits from a location inside the Pearl River Delta, China's largest manufacturing and industrial powerhouse. This means that virtually every sub-contractor you would ever need is likely to be within 1-2 hours drive of your own facility.

As a new city, the infrastructure in Zhuhai is excellent, with its own deep water port, airport and all the usual benefits of a large city.

Finally, Zhuhai is recognised as one of the cleanest and nicest cities in China meaning that staff recruitment and retention (both Chinese & Western) is never a problem. Furthermore, management staff and families are well served by first class accommodation and entertainment facilities.

C2W can help you through the whole process including location finding, site assessment, recruitment and all the necessary paperwork with the various government departments.

Contact us for full details of the process and how we are able to help your company grab a unique opportunity.