Tooling & Molds

Since molds and tools are generally labour intensive products, manufacturing them in China makes very good financial sense. You can sometimes expect savings of up to 100-300% over western manufactured tools of an equivalent quality when placing your orders with C2W.

We have an in-house team of experienced mold and tooling designers and we use some of the very best mold and tooling manufacturers in China.

As a result of our long term partnerships with these manufacturers we can often beat the prices of going directly to a manufacturer and in this case our superior communications, project management, quality control and reliability are free!

According to your requirements and budget, we can manufacture lower quality short run molds all the way to high quality auto-grade EU/US certified molds. Furthermore we have the capability and experience to manage the production of specialist molds rarely produced in China.

Once your tool or mold has been built we normally produce the mass production parts in China too, however there is now a growing demand for Export Tooling from China and C2W has answered this demand. We are experienced in producing high quality tools and molds for export to the west for use in our clients’ own manufacturing facilities. For more information on this service get in touch with us today by clicking here