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20 China Manufacturing Industry Statistics [Study]

  1. Chinese manufacturing industry is the 4th largest industry in the world according to 2006 census and now it is second largest industry in the world from latest research reports.
  2. It has produced nearly 45% of gross domestic product in the year 2004
  3. The export value of the equipment related to the export sectors from 1996 to 2006 have greatly increased year to year and the transportation and machinery equipment had reached nearly 45 billion which have increased to 28.3% in 2005
  4. Nearly12% has accounted under the total employment in the year2006
  5. In year 2000, it was accounted nearly14.7% yield under the forestry, medicine and food.
  6. China is generating nearly 2.95 trillion dollars output which is a yearly output where US have 2.40 trillion.
  7. According to 2011, the manufacturing in China have surged an output of 24 percent while manufacturing in US increased by 2 percent only comparatively
  8. The manufacturers alliance for the productivity and innovation have made a statistical data, according to it, the China have raised around 499 billion according to 2012 which have surplus increases 15 percent
  9. The Chinese surplus soared to nearly334 billion according to 2009 to 2012 census
  10. The manufacturing employment in china in 2002 is 85% in total which is included with the 30% urban and 55% rural in millions
  11. manufacturing employment in china, in 2003 is totaled as 86.4
  12. Manufacturing employment in china in 2004 was recorded as 88% in which urban had 29% and rural with 56% manufacturing employment rate in millions.
  13. The China has achieved 16% manufacturing share from its GDP globally
  14. 62 million jobs in the manufacturing according to 2000 census
  15. 30-56 percent share in manufacturing for service jobs
  16. China is leading three global manufacturing groups
  17. 342 billion deflected the trade in the labour intensive goods
  18. It has nearly 70% share in the manufacturing of the global trade
  19. 45 millions of manufacturing jobs according to 2010 census records
  20. Nearly 726 billion advanced economies trade has surplus the innovative goods