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5 Interesting Facts About Chinese Manufacturing Companies

Have you been judgmental when you saw “Made in China” label on one of the products you use? You should check all the electronics you possess for this label – you will be surprised. Chinese manufacturing companies, believe it or not, churn out the highest volumes of goods per person than anywhere else on the globe, be it any industry. In this blogpost, you will get to know a few interesting facts about Chinese manufacturing companies.

Fact #1

The manufacturing companies in China are slowly migrating to being more technologically adept and updated than they were before. This simply means that the quality of the products coming out and their conformity to design is constantly getting better. You will notice how their production lines are state-of-the-art and highly efficient.

Fact #2

Chinese manufacturers have won the race in the electronics industry. Chinese manufacturing companies have the highest share of the world’s production of electronic goods. If it is hard to believe, even your iPhone has been manufactured in China. Look for the “Made in China” label on your iPhone.

Fact #3

A few years ago, China’s exports mostly amounted to raw materials that went into manufacturing goods elsewhere on the globe. But today, most of the Chinese exports consist of finished goods that have been manufactured in China.

Fact #4

The workforce employed in Chinese manufacturing companies is highly skilled, trained and disciplined, which leads to consistency in production, fewer errors and high efficiency.

Fact #5

Out of the leading 500 brands in the world, 400 acquire manufacturing services from Chinese manufacturing companies.

The popularity of Chinese manufacturing is based on a solid foundation, it is not merely a rumor.