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An advanced guide in finding out reliable sourcing agent in China

A role of sourcing agent cannot be overlooked. Many companies that have business ties with China seek reliable sourcing agent to ensure that their supply chain functions smoothly without any transactional errors.

If you too are looking for a reliable sourcing agent to strengthen your work in China, here are some tips to help you:

  1. Trust is everything –

International business is no less than a gamble where a trust factor plays a key role. Thus, it is always important to hire an agent who is trustworthy and reliable instead of someone who is capable but not very reliable.

Also, first impressions can be misleading. Do not rely on the first impressions. Do a good online research about the agent. Seeking feedback and comments is a big help. Once you are sure about the reputation of the agent, tie up with him for work.

  1. Contract commitment/Verbal commitment –

Verbal commitments may be a thing elsewhere, but while dealing with the agents in China, it is very important for you to enter into a written commitment about the concerned business.

Make it a point to sign a detailed contract with your sourcing agent irrespective of the congenial relationship that you have with him. Take the help of a lawyer in forming a draft and review the contract.

  1. Buying offices over buying agents –

Buying offices have a good experience in the business as they deal with more number of industries. Buying agents only specialize in certain areas. Thus, if your sourcing project happens to cover a number of industries, it is always recommended to choose buying offices over the buying agents.

  1. The game of communication –

Language often plays a big barrier while doing business with the people of other countries. Thus, while sealing any final deal with the concerned company, you must make sure that your sourcing agent is able to speak the language that you understand. If you are going to build a long-term relationship with the agent, you must make sure that the agent is proficient in terms of speaking.