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Internship in China- Nicolas Phelippeau





Key information at a glance:


Name: Nicolas Phelippeau


Country of origin: France


Internship Position: Project Engineer


Internship Duration: 6 months



Who I am:

I’m Nicolas Phelippeau from France and I’m 25 years old and I was working as a Project Engineer for C2W. I did the internship at C2W at the end of my master degree studies in aerospace engeneering.


What I learned at C2W:

My tasks at C2W included sourcing, communicating with suppliers and clients, managing production processes, doing quality control and auditing factories.


What makes China 2 West special for me:

The C2W employees have been really welcoming from the first day on. It Is was a pleasure to learn here, since everyone is willing to help and share his experience. Although everybody is very professional, we keep a relaxed atmosphere in the office, wich is very pleasant. Since I was really satisfied from this internship and seduced by C2W working environment, I decided to stay in this company to learn more about project engineering and participate to the development of this great company. I have been hired as a permanent staff with a contract until July 2016.


Why Zhuhai’s a great spot:

Zhuhai is a very relaxed city for everyone in China. The life is slow and it provides a vacation spirit with its beach and its people who are always outside. The locals are very curious about foreigners, so they want to talk and know more about you. It is a good way to get to know more about them as well and to build friendly relationships with people around.


Favorite Quote:

“It Is was a pleasure to learn here, since everyone is willing to help and share his experience.”