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How to Find the Best Wholesale Suppliers in China?

Sourcing products from China is more advantageous than going in for local or domestic production, especially when its bulk or volume production. China is popular for economical pricing, flexible approach in customization of products, enable brands to diversify and expand more viably. Moreover, China manufacturing companies offer enhanced customer service with faster and prompter deliveries. Once you decide to find to the best wholesale suppliers in China, the question that needs to be smartly tackled is about how to go about the process.

In order to find the best wholesale suppliers in China, international companies need to do the following

Study in Detail about the suppliers

  1. Use online search engines like Google to look up a list of Chinese suppliers. In order to use the online resources to their optimal capacity, you would need to complete an exhaustive study. Some key points to remember are –
  • Use specific keywords that are relevant to your niche and domain.
  • Study in detail about the suppliers to filter them. It is essential to understand the various management and quality certifications these entities have in hand. Some of the internationally accepted standards are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BSCI, etc.
  •  It is essential to read in detail the supplier website to understand what the services they offer. If the company is listed as a wholesale supplier in China or as a trading company? What is the specialization of the supplier? Does he conduct regular audits and checks internally?
  • It is advisable to read through the TrustPass profile online to understand company-related information.
  • It is also a good idea to review the product-specific pages of the supplier to understand his manufacturing and delivering capacities.

Visit Different Exhibitions

2. The other option of finding the best wholesale supplier in China is by visiting different trade fairs, in China as well as international ones. These exhibitions provide ample opportunity to a potential buyer to comprehend the true manufacturing capabilities of the wholesale Chinese exhibitors here. Some of the popular exhibitions that you can consider being a part of are – the Canton Fair in Hong Kong, the Global Sources Trade Fair in Hong Kong, Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles in Shanghai, and Centrestage in Hong Kong, etc.