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Why do you need a Third-Party Logistics Company to grow your online business?

What is a 3PL Company?

A third party logistics (3PL) provider, such as C2W, offer outsourced management over one or more procurement and fulfilment activities.

Procurement activities simply involve acquiring or selecting goods and services required for your specific job. On the other hand, fulfilment activities refer to the process of distribution and shipping.

Third party logistics providers deal with the physical movement of your goods from point A to B, as well as providing other services involved in the process (such as warehousing).

What are the benefits of using a 3PL Company?

Lower cost

The top benefit of using a 3PL company is monetary savings! Using a 3PL company removes the financial pressures of warehouse storage. By asking us to do this for you, it means you only pay for the service package itself and can pick and choose when you use these services.

Using a 3PL provider also means you can make larger orders and store extra product more cheaply.

Customer Satisfaction

In this technological era, good online service is largely linked to efficient delivery. Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular as the high street dies meaning that your fulfilment processes will undoubtedly be a metric used for measuring customer satisfaction.

Using a 3PL provider means your e-commerce business can gain significant customer loyalty and satisfaction by letting the professionals deal with delivery. C2W can even sort direct shipping to end customers, a process held against western standards of communication and service.

Our experience

Due to our expertise and experience in 3PL services at C2W, efforts in e-commerce procurement and fulfilment activities will be more time and cost-effective than less mature manufacturing companies. We have a verified history of successfully meeting demand and are able to scale operations consistently and smoothly.

C2W remove the stress of such demands so that you can focus on the things that matter such as improving and growing your online business.

Supply Chain Management

C2W analyse the supply chain and define any flaws, enabling us to provide efficient solutions and improvement to e-commerce efficiency of your business. Our oversight gives you a better visibility of what’s going on in your business, which can be at times be lacking in long distance professional relationships.

Direct Business 

Hiring a 3PL company cuts out the middle man so that you can do business more directly and have one point of contact.

C2W handle a broad spectrum of services meaning that you don’t have to hire a freight forwarder in the process (who don’t actually deal with shipment or fulfilment themselves). And as all businessmen know, direct business is straight talking business!


When acting as your 3PL provider, C2W takes direct responsibility for your goods or services.

You can be assured to receive reliable services and be sure that C2W will take accountability. Unlike a freight forwarder who acts as an intermediary player in the chain, we are held directly accountable.

Examples of the third party logistics services C2W offer:

  1. Receive all incoming products and collect inventory data
  2. Manage full inventory in the US using our professional WMS (Warehouse Management System; SkuVault)
  3. Drop-shipments for all orders (pick and pack)
  4. Quality control

For an extensive list, visit our website here for China or here for the US.

Contact us for an accurate quote based on your project or to ask any questions.