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Clear Your Doubts – FAQs About China Wholesale Distributors

As an international buyer, how can I look for China wholesale distributors?

Answer: There are typically three ways of finding Chinese wholesalers and distributors. The first way is to search for Chinese wholesaler websites online, contact each of them and choose the best one. The second method is to use an online directory of Chinese wholesalers. Here, the top companies from the country would be listed along with the contact details. The third method is to visit Chinese Trade Fairs personally or send your representatives; meet wholesalers direct and get going.

Is it true that Chinese wholesale products are not compliant with international product regulations?

Answer: You need to understand that products that are manufactured for domestic consumption – that is for the Chinese consumers in China – are compliant only with Chinese product regulations that may necessarily not be aligned with the international markets. These compliances maybe usually in the field of safety aspects, technical and chemical standards.

Do products made by Chinese wholesale distributors meet international labeling standards?

Answer: Chinese products made for sale and distribution in China is definitely not aligned with international labeling standards because the labeling requirements in China is different from that of any other nation.

Is it possible to brand products made by China wholesale distributors?

Answer: This is a tricky situation. You can get your private label manufactured in China if you are working with a manufacturer direct. But in this you will have to give larger MOQs, pay more for the order and provide the manufacturer with higher lead times. Getting customized products made from Chinese wholesalers can be next to impossible because wholesalers deal in generic products.

Which cities in China have wholesale supplier and distributor markets?

Answer: Cities like Yiwu, Shenzhen and Guangzhou have wholesale markets in China.

Is quality audit necessary when buying from China wholesale distributors?

Answer: Yes. Quality control inspections and audit is essential at each and every stage of buying from Chinese wholesalers. This is because most wholesalers serve the domestic market and their product quality and safety standards may not meet the international standards. Also, since these products are generically made instead of specific buyer specifications, it is advisable to have audits done.