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How to Find Professional and Experienced Wholesale Suppliers in China?

As an international buyer, if you are planning to go in for reduced production costs, better product quality and reduced lead times, you must surely consider the option of working with trustworthy wholesale suppliers in China.

The leading nation in manufacturing and exporting manufactured products in the world, it makes business sense to tie-up with Chinese wholesalers. But how to find the right wholesaler – one who is professional, cost-effective and thorough on quality control?

Here are a few methods of finding the right wholesaler in China.

Attend Chinese International Trade Fairs

One of the best ways that is time-tested is to attend Chinese International Trade Fairs. They are held at different industrial locations within the country like Shanghai and Hong Kong. China hosts a number of such trade fairs annually. So it is easy to get tickets and hotel bookings during this time. You can get to meet wholesalers and their representatives one-on-one and strike up a mutually beneficial deal there and then.

Search Online

The next best way of working with the best wholesalers in the country is to search the online B2B marketplaces. There are quite a few that are credible and have good feedback about the services and product quality of enlisted wholesalers. Remember to check through the certifications of the wholesalers for better clarity. The other way is to use the Google search engine and scout for local trustworthy wholesale suppliers in China, specific to your industry.

Sourcing Agents

One of the other methods of finding Chinese wholesalers is to use the services of honest and trustworthy sourcing agents. These are third party handlers who are basically from China. So, they are well-aware of local processes, languages and customs. They work as intermediary between the buyer and the wholesaler, assist and guide the buyer on different work-related parameters. They usually charge a commission from the buyer for the work. And they handle a lot of work from their local offices on behalf of their international partner. From choosing the right wholesaler, to assisting with sampling products, to conducting regular inspection of the factory to negotiating prices and checking for product quality control, these agents can become your true representatives in the Dragon land.